Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sabre 48 Launched

Sabre 48 Finally Launched

In mid-April 2016 Sea Trekker was launched at Marina Bay in Quincy Ma. If you look closely you will see snow on the dock. We had a snow storm several days before the launch. The walkway to the side of the cabin was covered in snow and ice.

Here I am with the snow shovel that was used to clean the boat off. As you can see from these first two pictures the mast and radar etc are not installed. The boat was then taken to Tern Harbor Marina in Weymouth to have the bottom painted.

 After lots of lousy spring weather (cold and damp) the bottom was finished the electronics were finished off (mostly) and the boat relaunched. This picture is back at our regular slip at Marina Bay in Quincy. We had gone to Gloucester, Ma to pick up our Zodiac from Brown's Yacht Yard. The Zodiac is on a Freedom Lift which makes it easy to launch and pickup the tender. The Freedom Lift is all hydraulically operated to raise and lower the tender. Often if we don't plan to use the tender we just leave it at the end of our slip.