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Sabre 48 Under Construction

Sabre 48 Salon Express 

from Construction to Delivery


We bought a new boat for delivery in January of 2016. In 2015 we had a Sabre 42 which was setup for a trade-in for this boat. See my other posts for our travels on the Sabre 42.

Special thanks to our yacht broker Scott from Boston Yacht Sales. Not only did he help us with a package price for both the Sabre 42 moving up to a Sabre 48 but all the arrangements necessary to get the boat delivered to Marina Bay and ready for the launch in April 2016.

Framing the Boat for Shrink-Wrapping

The following pictures show the framing used before shrink-wrapping. The final picture shows the clear shrink-wrapping over the frame. All this framework allows the shrink-wrapping to be kept away from the hull. This allows varnish work to be done on the toe rail. It also allows for easy access around the boat during commissioning of the electronics and inside varnish work.

Boat with framing in place

View of framing from the bow

Boat now all shrink-wrapped in clear plastic to enhance heat

Boat arriving at Marina Bay its winter storage location

January 12, 1916: The Sabre 48 arriving at Marina Bay in Quincy Mass. The boat will stay at this location until it can be moved to its winter resting place. Because of construction traffic the boat can't be moved except in the early morning or late at night. A frame is being built and will be shrink-wrapped with a door so it can be worked on during the winter. Brightwork (varnishing of the wood) and electronics will be installed in the winter so it will be ready to launch in April.

On the Travel-Lift just before the trailer is removed

Trailer removed

Blocked up for the night

Sabre 48 Salon Express Under Construction

The following set of pictures shows part of the construction process after the hull and top had been poured.

This series of pictures were taken in late October 2015. Both the hull and the top are poured in another factory in Rockland, Maine. All the pictures below are at the main Sabre factory in Raymond Maine which is just south of Casco Maine. The top and hull are moved to Raymond where the final interior work is done. As you will see it is a lot easier to install much of the equipment including the engines before the top is put on.

The top before it is installed and before the roof has been installed.

The Hull Preparation Before Top Installation

This is the VIP Guest cabin in the bow of the boat.

This is the view of the master stateroom athwartship.

Master stateroom with a view of the bathroom.

Below is a view of the stairs with the galley in the lower part of the picture and the master stateroom on the left. The stairs lead up to the main salon.

Stairs from lower deck to main salon.

Here the engine room is being readied to drop in the engines. All the plumbing and other components like the fuel tanks are installed before the engines are dropped in.

Engine room before the engines are in place.

More carpentry work going on in the VIP guest stateroom

VIP guest stateroom



Installation of the top

Here the top is being lifted onto the hull. You can see that there is probably a ten inch gap between the white top and the blue hull. As you can see the top is suspended from the ceiling using a hoist and straps. The roof has been put on, the windows and back door are in place (visible in later pictures).

Top being lowered onto the hull.

Here the top is almost at rest on top of the hull. On the very right of the picture you see the foot and arm of a worker who is using the boat in front as a place where he can grasp the top and do the final positioning of the top on the hull. There is still a gap near the back of the boat so maybe they get the bow into position first and then lower the stern end of the top into position.

Top almost in position.
It now looks like the top is in position.

Now the workers are attaching the top to the hull in many places around the boat. Here you have a good view of the rear teak deck and the back door leading into the main salon. The opening at the bottom of the picture is the doorway down to the swim platform. You see the one step below the cockpit, the swim platform is not shown in this picture.


Factory Visit December 3rd, 2015

We went to Raymond Maine to see our boat under construction during the final month. The boat is expected to be shipped on January 5th. Below we are standing in front of the bow of our boat, to our left you see the name tag with our name on it. The boat is in the second to last station before it ships out the door. The boat will be slid over (using air bags and a wet floor) to the position where you see the bow of another boat just sticking out beyond our boat. In front of that boat is the door where the boat will exit.

The Andrews at the Sabre factory in Raymond Maine.

This is a view of the main salon with the helm station straight ahead.

Lower deck crew quarters

VIP guest stateroom now a woodworking shop.

Although not our boat this is what our engine room looked like before the top was put on.

Freedom Lift for carrying a tender sitting below the swim platform.

View of our boat.

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